Our Team

Sumayya Essack


Hi guys

I'm Sumayya Essack, age 11. I hope you guys will love this site, which is made specially for future Nobel Peace Prize Winners to browse through. I love working with my amazing team and would like to thank them all for the past 3 years of hard work. I'd love to hear from you and see what your opinion is on charity work. You can also leave me some tips on running this club and also get tips from us. Enjoy:)

Email: preciouspearlsforever@gmail.com

Fathima Essack


Hey, sooo cool being part of this. I'm the editor and organiser of this awesome website/group. And let me say, it is not easy!! 

We've got loads of charity stuff  and personally, I think that being a part of helping society is great. It makes you feel important and when you actually help all those poor people out there, the look on their faces are worth millions.

Sooo hope you enjoy the site and don't be afraid to email us if you have any queries.

Email: fathimaessack5@gmail.com